Seeking a Life that has Rhythm, Rule, and Rest:  This is best suited for retreat formats. In this retreat we look at encountering God, solitude, prayer, self-examination, discernment, Sabbath rest, and creating a rule of life.

Encountering Grief: This is flexible for more many settings based on the time frame available. In this work we look at the defining of loss, lament, and grief. How we grieve offers us the ability to grow or become stuck in the grief story. We look at the healthy versus unhealthy influential factors that impact the grieving process. We grieve deeply because we love deeply!

Stressful Realities: a great seminar or workshop for caregivers. We look at the challenges of caring for the ill and aged in our life. We discuss the realities of self-care, honest expectations, and spiritual impacts in caregiver fatigue.



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